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Re: Kingmaker...

Postby Stiglr » February 12th, 2015, 6:25 am

Just to tie this up...

It took 37 rounds, and one very long stalemate in the middle to crown our winner...

Crescent .......... BarflyWingnut

amassed a HUGE faction, grabbed Henry VI from yours truly and, with the Admiral of England in his camp, sojourned to Calais with the monarch for long stretches, while spinning a web of guile and intrigue on the island. In a decisive, bold master stroke at the end, he sailed in force to Berwick, where the Acorn faction was holding the last remaining pretender to the throne. He besieged the city, and despite losing two nobles in the assault, still prevailed with plenty of nobles and troops to spare.

With the last Yorkist put to the sword, Henry VI had consolidated his throne and underscored his mantle as Sole King of England.

My luck was awful from the outset, and I never recovered. I had a 3:1 advantage in the game's very first open battle, but pulled a 4:1 result card, plus lost my strongest noble in the skirmish! Then, while waiting for the most powerful faction to get pulled apart by events (which NEVER seemed to happen), I was set upon by a former "ally" and dispatched to irrelevance near the end of the game.

The fourth member of our game, suffered a real life family tragedy which compelled him to withdraw. We all hope things are working out as best they can. We all raise a jeweled chalice in his honor.
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