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Topics related to the main Vassal engine.

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Postby Brent Easton » April 15th, 2009, 10:55 pm

I have been off the air for several days, so am catching up in no particular order....

On 13/04/2009 at 1:10 PM MikeR wrote:


I agree and raised the issue of documentation earlier in this thread.

When I started just a couple of weeks ago I was stunned to find the Wiki
so barren. It's obvious that there are some very knowledgeable people here
regarding Vassal but for newbies there is very little by way of documented

I personally wrote 90% of the user content of the Wiki, hoping that other people would start to jump in and build on what I started. I'm still waiting...

The Vassal documentation is very good up to a point, but worked examples
would be extremely helpful.

Given that the order of traits seems to be one of the biggest stumbling
blocks for newbies it would be useful to see some worked documentation on
how these work - for instance, the interplay between layers and rotation,
which took me ages to work out and still causes me some problems.

It seems unfortunate that each and every person who comes to this
excellent resource has to reinvent the wheel so to speak and start the
learning curve (which appears to be getting steeper) from scratch.

You raise some excellent points that are absolutely correct.

Why isn't the documentation you want there?

Basically because it is a difficult, time-consuming job to prepare the kind of documentation you mention, and nobody really wants to do it. Having Mycenae put his hand up to co-ordinate this is a HUGE step forward, but he will need much assistance to generate the volume of documenation you are talking about.

Every time the documentation question has come up in the past, I have politely suggested that the poster get involved in writing documentation, but the invitation us usually taken as an insult! When it comes down to it, many people are happy to critique the current documentation, but very few people are willing to actually give up hours of their leisure time to write the documentation we need.

A successful Open-Source project is not just programmers writing code...


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