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Vassal freeze when module open from file manager

Topics related to the main Vassal engine.

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Vassal freeze when module open from file manager

Postby uckelman » July 21st, 2009, 10:52 pm

Thus spake "didier69":

I'm with XP Pro SP3 with 2 GB of RAM.

When I double click on a .vmod file, Vassal is open and the module too. But w
hen I start a new game, the board is never shown. I need to minimize the wind
ow and reopen it to see the map. And then Vassal is very slow.

If I open Vassal and then I open the module from Vassal, I have no problem, t
he map is correctly shown and there is no slow processes.

I'm the only with this little problem ?

Is this still a problem for you with 3.1.9?

When you open a module by double-clicking on a .vmod, check whether the
divider between the map and chat area is all the way at the bottom of the
window, preventing the map from being shown. Is that what's happening?


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