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Can existing game modules be updated and uploaded?

PostPosted: January 28th, 2008, 1:18 pm
by uckelman
Thus spake "mehrunes":
Why not ? As long as you credit the original module designer and don't feign
that it is completely your work, I don't see any reasons against it.

I updated the De Bellis Vassalus module by myself and added some more functio
ns to it. I tried to contact the original designer but his e-mail address see
ms to be inactive.
I shared the module with my friends, so we play a unofficial 2.62 version rat
her than the 2.5 from this website.

I see no problem with uploading it, even, so long as you do something
to distinguish it from the original.

Which reminds me---something that would be really useful would be if
module designers licensed their modules under the GPL. (I don't mean
any parts which the designer doesn't have right to license---but
the designer should have the right to do that with the module as a
collection.) That way, there would be no ambiguity about whether people
have permission to update and post modules which they didn't create.


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