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The Case of the Vanishing Deck

Issues with the Vassal engine.

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The Case of the Vanishing Deck

Postby shilinski » December 24th, 2020, 3:59 am

I've found a situation where a deck or an at-start stack completely vanishes when I run a module. Yet there they are, smirking at me, when I edit the module. I have simplified the problem as much as I can. (See "bottom line" below if you want a quick explanation.)

1. Create a module with two maps, "Main Map" with board "main" and "Stuff" with board "stuff." The board images can be simple null images.

2. In Stuff, create a Deck. Put a card or two in it if you like, and link it to the map's board "stuff." Also create an at-stark stack in stuff with something in it like a card.

3. Cut and paste the deck and at-start stack from "Stuff" to "Main Map." In Main Map, the deck and at-start stack will say <any> for the board. Leave it at that. (In my more-complicated vmod, I have two boards, so the deck/stack has to be <any>.)

4. Save the mod. Exit. Run. Both the deck, at-start stack, and whatever pieces they contain will have completely vanished.

This drove me nuts for a long time because my decks and at-start stacks were hidden, so I had no idea they were gone. Now to fix it, do the following:
1. Edit the module, and for the stack and deck, change <any> to the board name.
2. Save and exit.
3. Edit again. For both, change them back to <any>.
4. Run. The deck and stack will appear as desired.

The bottom line: When a deck or at-start stack is moved (copied, cut) from one window to another and the linked board is set to <any> (because the board names are different in both windows), something strange happens to their states. By establishing a real board for both, and then setting it to <any> in a re-edit somehow clears the strange state.

This gave me fits because I put all decks and some at-start stacks in a temporary window called Stuff, and I planned to move them later to better places. My main window has two boards chosen at game-time, so I have to set decks and stacks to <any>, something I normally don't do. And that's when my misery began.
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