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OldMap incorrect in a log file

Issues with the Vassal engine.

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OldMap incorrect in a log file

Postby marktb1961 » January 1st, 2021, 10:39 am

Vassal v3.4.12

I'm seeing some (to me) unexpected behaviour when I query an "Old" property value in a log file.

The simplest case is a piece with a Report Trait reporting "OldMap" that can be triggered by a Command Key. When the Piece is moved in a live game (by drag or via a Send to Location trait), the report outputs the expected value for OldMap. However, if the log file is replayed and then I intervene after the piece has moved and try the Report command, the value output for OldMap is wrong - it reports a map where the piece was residing when the game originally started. If I try the same on CurrentMap, for example, I get a correct report.

I'm not sure how important this apparent bug is; as long as OldMap is correct during the actual game, I don't think it affects anything.

Happy New Year!

Platform: Vassal 3.5.3, MacOS Big Sur on iMac (27", mid-2020)
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