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"Restricted Access" Trait fails with Sides names translation

Issues with the Vassal engine.

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"Restricted Access" Trait fails with Sides names translation

Postby Chatmourai » September 8th, 2014, 9:06 am

Hi, Vassal team !

This is yet another suspected-bug report, for which I also provide a demo module.

My config:
Compaq 8510w laptop, with an Intel Core2 duo CPU T8100 @ 2.1GHz and 4 GBytes RAM
Video card AMD/ATI] RV630/M76 [Mobility Radeon HD 2600]
OS Linux Kubuntu (Precise) 12.04, Kernel linux 3.2.0-61-generic-pae + KDE 4.8.5
Java version 1.6.0_31 from Sun Microsystems Inc.
Vassal v 3.2.13 (latest at the time of writing)
In the general Vassal properties I have selected the language "Français" (French). This is important for the following.

The issue is related with the "Restricted Access" traits, but only when Players Sides names are translated (and only when playing the module in "standard" mode i.e. not from the module editor).

There are two player sides ("French" and "Austrian"). Each player can only interact (add, move, select menus, delete) with its own counters. Thanks to the "Restricted Access" trait, it is not possible to add, move, select menus or delete the opponent's counters.

When the Players Sides names are not translated, all is working fine.
But when I set the french translation for Players Sides ("Français" and "Autrichien") in the translation file, here is what happens:
1) I launch the Vassal module and I choose the Player Side to start with, for example "Français".
2) All seems to be working fine: I can select and drop Napoleon on the Map, but I cannot do so for Archduke Charles.
3) then I retire and log in again as the player "Autrichien".
4) And now the trouble begins: I cannot select and drop any counter, even not the Austrian ones !
5) I retire again and log in back as the player "Français".
6) But now the problem has spread to the French Side also, and I still cannot select and drop any counter, even not the French ones.

You will find here-attached a small test module that reproduce the issue. I added a translation element under the "Translations" node, and I chose the following config:
- language: "Français" (French)
- country: <Any Country>

I personnaly think this is not a serious bug (if ever it is) because the module works fine when removing the translated sides names, but it is not very clean to mix up translated with non-translated texts.

By the way, I also have noticed other small issue with translation. For example, some trait menu command (in Trigger Action and Layer) still display in english even when properly translated.
And I also noticed some Scrollable List names (in Game Piece Palette) having the same symptoms.
I can give more details on those last issues if needed.

Best regards, and keep on the fine work !

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