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Stack offset affected by facing and rotate traits

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Stack offset affected by facing and rotate traits

Postby Benkyo » September 24th, 2020, 10:19 pm

Currently, the offset for stacks is set at the map level. There are several problems with this:

You cannot have stacks for different sides with different offsets.

Rotated stacks are stuck with the same offset.

I would love to see stack offset values as a piece trait, and would really love to see stack offset values change dynamically when facing or rotation of pieces change.

Here's an example image of a block wargame to illustrate my point:

stack example 1.png
stack example 1.png (44.04 KiB) Viewed 1245 times

stack example2.png
stack example2.png (50.04 KiB) Viewed 1245 times

(The module does not currently use stacking, all the pieces have to be moved individually because stacking doesn't work the way I want it to, but let's pretend stacking is being used here)

The first image shows a stack of 3 pieces with a vertical offset of 20 on the Y axis. The second image shows the same stack moved into a position where their facing changes by 90 degrees. Since the stack offset remains at 20 pixels on the Y axis, most of the relevant information is obscured.

If stacking were affected by facing, Vassal could finally have a way for pieces to maintain positions relative to each other, and this is something Vassal has long lacked.
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