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Feature requests.. simple ones, I think

Suggestions for additional features for the module editor and Vassal engine.

Moderators: uckelman, Tim M

Please vote for the following feature requests

Ability to customize text for standard deck commands (Draw selected / Draw multiple)
Ability to hide standard deck commands (Draw selected / Draw multiple / Reshuffle)
Ability to hide deck global key commands
Option to hide at module/map level the command keys associated with a certain right click command
Ability to poll and modify order/values of List sub-components in Turn Counters
Total votes : 25

Re: Feature requests.. simple ones, I think

Postby JustaBill » July 22nd, 2012, 5:27 pm

Okay wait ... are you saying what you want is to hide the command from the player entirely? It's just an internal module function that nobody's going to type a keyboard shortcut for and nobody's going to click on a piece to activate? Heck, if that's all you want, that's super easy and has been there for a very long time: just don't define a command name and the command won't appear at all.

Sorry, I thought you were saying you wanted to force players to right-click on pieces and choose commands from a menu without any possibility of a keyboard shortcut.
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Re: Feature requests.. simple ones, I think

Postby barbanera » July 22nd, 2012, 8:01 pm

No, mate, of course I know about that trick but you had it right the first time. I am saying I want players to right click (since in Vassal that's you are supposed to do most things) and pick the option from a menu. No short cuts.

I am saying, in my module, that's more elegant than showing short cuts as well, because you are never really routinely making the same choices. Short cuts, imho, are great if you always repeat the same thing so many times you get bored using the mouse, not less routine operations.

Heck, I use myself CTRL-C / CTRL-V when I want to cut and paste in Windows and that's great, sure.

However, when I want to save a document with a different name, choose a font from a list, display mail merge operations or whatever similar less customary operation; I use the mouse. Are you telling me you had rather have a list of combo keys for all possible fonts and fonts sizes in Word, say? Ridicolous, unaesthetic and unnecessary, imho.

In truth that's not a fair example, because I am not saying that in my case there are so many options (like so many fonts) to choose from. However, as said at the beginning, the problem is in my module right click commands on pieces are not completely predictable: players are going to right click on a piece to check the list of available commands for the given time/phase/turn/action/etc. And once you open up the right click command menu what are combo keys there for if not to clutter the display?
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Re: Feature requests.. simple ones, I think

Postby dott.Piergiorgio » December 26th, 2012, 9:33 am

well, for me the main interface is the keyboard, so once I have memorized what to press I can do things blinkingly fast (aside that I disagree on Linux attempting to mimic winsozz; ^C ought to remain the means of stopping a rampaging program..... (sorry for the peeve)

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.
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Re: Feature requests.. simple ones, I think

Postby nijineko » April 19th, 2013, 5:01 pm


interesting series of miscommunications.

i would like to inject a mild correction, as a mac user.

right clicking has existing in the apple os since near the beginning. it was never obvious how to do so, agreed, but it was there.

i think that associating the choice to use apple with an inability to comment meaningfully on design and efficiency (and whatever else was stated, i'm not going back to find the exact quote) a rather judgmental and prejudiced point of view. different people find different methods to be efficient and intuitive, this means that for some, windows is logical and intuitive, for others *nix, for others apple, and for some none of the above.

the design criteria and goals for each piece of software and hardware are different, thus the end results will likewise be different.

besides, mac anymore is just an emulated OS running on top of darwin version of *nix using pc hardware(+1 or +2) anyway. as such, a mac can literally run almost any os natively. for someone who works on multiple platforms or with clients who use varying platforms, a mac is now a viable choice for a development and testing platform due to this flexibility. and still strong on the graphics side, like they have almost always been.

personally, i was raised on cp/m, then dos, then windows, then mac. i find myself comfortable using *nix shells, but get frustrated because of the lack of built-in verifiability, and the documentation is frequently lacking from my perspective. but i'll keep at it till i figure it out.

anyhow, just some observations.
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Re: Feature requests.. simple ones, I think

Postby comdotski » June 22nd, 2013, 1:29 pm

I read this post after voting for the feature request to be able to interact with the Turn Counter List values as suggested. This answers a post in the module design forum where I asked if/how this could be done - seems sadly that it is not available in 3.2.x :( Hope it makes it to 4.x!

BTW in the module I am undertaking in 3.2.x right now, I am using the textual Key Commands. While this means that mouse clicks from the menu are the way to interact instead of short cut keys, I think my playing friends will be OK about this. It certainly helps with keeping track of the design as it is somewhat self documenting if you can settle on naming conventions for the [Global] Key Commands.

Also, I am implementing a fair set of the mechanics to assist players keep track of game status (avoid them having to!), and also implementing some of the rules which are of a more mechanical nature. This requires some thought at times, but the building blocks are there to make the playing more efficient and enjoyable. I want to achieve a result that makes the game more enjoyable through the improvements to the usability of the module. A click or two in situ is much easier than relying on a virtual counter tray in game with a variety of sides, cards and counters. It will be no TS btw (Mike - you have achieved a great result), but any features to assist module builders with implementation of rules without java coding should be encouraged.
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