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hex to Lat/long converter for use with Google Earth

Suggestions for additional features for the module editor and Vassal engine.

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hex to Lat/long converter for use with Google Earth

Postby RLWilson » January 12th, 2013, 7:27 pm

For all those games that have real world maps (especially hex based games) it is nice to go look on Google maps to see what the terrain looks like today. A neat feature that would make this much easier would be adding a tool in VASSAL that provides the ability to enter the lat/long for two or three hexes on a map and then have it compute the lat/long for any other hex on request. If it loaded up the copy, cut and paste clipboard with the lat/long in the Google Earth (and Google Maps) format then one could go and paste that into Google Earth/Maps and in short order see where that game hex is as a push pin.

Even cooler would be if it could draw the hex in Google Earth (using KML files). But that would be extra... and a bit harder to do.

BTW, I used to know a whiz at KML files that would I am sure know how to do that, but he has long since moved away. But from working with him I know the latter can be done... that is if there are any other KML whiz out there that who also knows how.

this would also be a very handy feature if one were building a map. For one could build a row, load it into Vassal, and then go see where the adjacent hexes are to the ones already built.
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