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Create a new piece property called HTTP Resource"

Suggestions for additional features for the module editor and Vassal engine.

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Create a new piece property called HTTP Resource"

Postby starfish » September 14th, 2015, 2:32 pm

The idea here is to create a property that the designer can enter a URL and a keystroke to feed that URL into the default browser. The link could then activate something like:

* A video - maybe a short "attacked!" type video or a "How to play the game" video that is on YouTube
* An image - so for a role playing game, maybe a link to a cool picture on the web that would make the resource file to big
* A audio clip saved on the web, such as a good background track for the players to enjoy
* A PDF or txt file on the web.

I have a private "GM TOOLS" module and would love to link some pieces to PDFs on my Google Drive. I could then create a visual library in Vassal and use it to "Open" the document I want. I have created a creature deck in Vassal and this worked very nicely, but I don't have the stats - just images. Putting a HTTP link on the card to a simple stat block text file that I have on Google Drive would make things much easier. Vassal handled the die roller tool easily.

The fuctionality I am looking for is similar to the URL option built into this forum -
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Re: Create a new piece property called HTTP Resource"

Postby RLWilson » March 10th, 2016, 2:03 am

This would be a really cool feature. Another use I could see for this is that one could have this command embedded in map hexes/hexsides where clicking it would bring up Google map street view of that hex/direction.
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