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Bug 13145 - Deck Reshuffle + GameRefresher Hidden items

PostPosted: July 20th, 2020, 3:36 pm
by stew-rt
Hi All,
I decided to engage with the tracker and I just wanted to make sure I'm not taking the scenic route on trying to resolve this.

This bug report .. which I've suggested needs another report opened, is two, separate issues.

1) The Deck (DrawPile?) Reshuffle command ("Include command to send entire deck to another deck") looks to me to create a Global Hot Key..
The module in question, has two decks, so the module dev has set them both to use the same hotkey.. this results in only one working, because it looks like global hot keys overwrite duplicate ones as they iterate (probably, fairly sensibly)..
The module dev has worked around this, by defining a Return to Deck prototype around the cards destined for this deck.. and creating a global hot key to start this..

Is the best approach to leave this? or add an option to create a targetable action from within Reshuffle (or perhaps it is targetable, but i couldn't figure out what "name" string to give a seperate multi-action?) command by making it non-global? then the user would not have to rely on the prototype on a card?

2) GameRefresher - Hidden items.
This one has been described as more pertinent, because the previous one has been worked around.
The same module needs updating to the latest version, The modules (as initialised) have buttons to prompt users to pick decks.. meaning they are hidden at start.. to me, this means the module dev cannot upgrade their "vsav"d scenarios..

I'm not sure where to look to try and get hidden items as well - or is the reason this was chosen for something I'm overlooking..

Also - i think it could be handy for the refresher to be able to recursively open all vsavs and apply the desired changes.. some of these modules have a LOT of save states..

Re: Bug 13145 - Deck Reshuffle + GameRefresher Hidden items

PostPosted: July 20th, 2020, 3:50 pm
by stew-rt
Oh, I've just seen Brent Easton's Game Refresher Fixes post.. that might well resolve 2