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v3.5 - Flare modifier on MacOS

PostPosted: October 18th, 2020, 3:27 pm
by marktb1961
Cross posting again a post on the Technical Support & Bugs forum for a development aspect...

Cattlesquat wrote:
And I guess while we're on the subject of Ctrl+Mouse, we have:
(1) Select/Deselect toggle ... currently Control+Click but maybe should be Command+Click?
(2) Mousewheel + WHAT should change zoom level? Command? Control?
(3) Upcoming 3.5 has a "Flare" function that calls opponent's attention to a place where you left-click, if you use the right set of modifier keys. On most platforms the (configurable) modifier keys are Ctrl and Alt, and/or one of those keys combined with Shift. Which key should stand in for "Ctrl" on Mac for this? (Control or Command)


bdgza wrote:As per the previous discussion on modifier key substitution for shortcuts I would keep the 'Flare' keys as they are on Mac and not replace anything with Command.

If a modifier is needed on Left-Click to support Flare, then I am pretty sure that it should not be Control on MacOS because on that platform Control is the modifier that turns a Left-Click into a Right-Click.

Command and Shift are also ruled out due to their existing select/de-select roles (both issues addressed in the parent of this thread) but it occurs to me that flare might be combined with each of select functions as follows:-

Alt+Click:like Click but Flares the item clicked on
Shift+Alt+Click: like Shift-Click but Flares everything that is selected currently.
Command+Alt+Click: like Command-Click but Flares the item that is being selected or de-selected

Aside: Alt-Double-Click would be good standard choice as a mouse-click zoom-out function (discussed in the Zoom Standards thread). So, the above partly assumes that Alt-Click is distinguishable from Alt-Double-Click.

If the above is way beyond the requirement/scope of "Flare" and/or the Alt is unsuitable, can the Fn key be combined with a mouse-click ?