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Support for Team Play

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Support for Team Play

Postby Stiglr » July 26th, 2019, 6:05 pm

I'm asking this question because, while it seems obvious when I'm thinking about it, I wonder why I don't see this in modules more often...

If you're designing a module for a BIG game (a monster) and the game lends itself well to 3- or 4-on-a-side play...

is the best solution to simply create a ROSTER of "seats" for each side into the Sides list, (e.g., Axis 1, Axis 2, Axis 3, and Axis 4, each with the properties of the overall Axis side)? Then, this would allow 4 different players to be able to join a game (with their password) on each side or negotiate a log file on behalf of their side, while avoiding the headaches and pitfalls of having to "abandon" the side to allow someone else to join?

Are there any other considerations I'm overlooking, or problems I'm creating by using this roster method?
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