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Update – Wellington (GMT) v3.1

The Wellington module has been updated to include:

– An indicator on the map showing the number of cards in each player’s hand.
– Preemption is automatically tracked.
– The combat strength in a leader’s section on the HQ card is automatically reported on the counter.
– The casualty display calculates the current victor and rout status.

Update – Freedom in the Galaxy (Avalon Hill) 1981 v2.02

An update to Freedom in the Galaxy, AH’s classic Rebels v Evil Empire space opera wargame, is now available.

Version 2.02 includes all “Official” errata (Charts, Tables, Cards). Includes players aids (Star-Faring Race Overlays and Rebel Secret Base Overlay). Detailed Environ information from the Galactic Guide is incorporated interactively into the Main Board (Alt-Click on the Environ symbol)