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Update – Wing Leader Fandom Extension v1.02

v1.02 of the Wing Leader Fandom Extenstion adds some newly found fan created content. This will be the last Fandom extension update for a while. There’s plenty of time before the next update for WL fans to create more content for this great game system. Look on the Fandom extension Help page to find my contact info and let me know if you’d like your content to be included. Thanks.

New Module – To Be King CCG v3.0

After 25 years of various versions and revisions as both a board game and a card game, I have finally developed a decent CCG version of To Be King. It’s a fantasy, adventure, strategy, card game with about 2000 cards.

Currently in alpha testing stage among a few core players, it will remain private within the TBK Group. I invite you to check it out and request membership in our TBK Group, if you like what you see.

Players Wanted! – The Wargamers Club for Gentlemen

Hello Gentlemen,

This is just to let you know that the Wargamers Club for Gentlemen is looking for more members that play Vassal games. We have some activity in the Vassal section of the club already but, it would be good to have more activity there.

At the WGCG, we have a Club Challenge Ladder where you can record your games played, so you can keep a record of your accomplishments, if you so wish.

If you are interested, take a look at the club website and join.