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Update – Wing Leader Fandom Extension v1.02

v1.02 of the Wing Leader Fandom Extenstion adds some newly found fan created content. This will be the last Fandom extension update for a while. There’s plenty of time before the next update for WL fans to create more content for this great game system. Look on the Fandom extension Help page to find my contact info and let me know if you’d like your content to be included. Thanks.

Update – Memoir ’44 v10.12 “Khalkhin-Gol”

The Memoir ’44 module has been updated to version 10.12. 793 pre-defined scenarios included at time of writing. Everything you need to play any official and SFTF scenario.

What’s new:
* New scenarios added
* Added No Surrender! scenarios (incl. OverThrough)
* Added new multi-map boards for No Surrender!
* Added Dutch Open 2016 scenarios
* Added VE Day scenarios
* Scenario fixes
* Larger scenario preview images
* Added Operation Tempest scenarios and campaign
* Added all components to play scenarios from the Khalkhin-Gol Battle Map expansion
* Moved Combat Card decks from the table into a separate window
* Added the name of each compendium card to the compendium card list
* Added new compendium cards for Armored Car, Tankettes, Jungle Fighters, Deep Frozen Rivers (Dutch Open), Molotov Cocktails, Molotov (Dutch Open)
* Added the new Armored Car and Tankette unit types and badges
* Added a few terrain tiles
* Small modifications and additions to the custom Java code (now on GitHub)
* Added Molotov Cocktails to units and to markers