[messages] Fixing a bug in the TTA module

fil512 ken.stevens at sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 18 21:17:34 MST 2010

I have been unsuccessful reaching the author of the Through the Ages

I've spent about 6 hours reading the code, and I think I understand
where the bug is.

But I have 2 questions about VASSAL.  I have a programming background
(java) so I'm trying to understand how to program in VASSAL from this

1) Is it true that there are no math expressions?  I see a lot of code
that appears to be there because you can't say something like A = B + C.

2) Is it true that the way you call a function in VASSAL is by issuing a
keystroke in one place and then writing a trigger for that keystroke in
another place?

The main problem I have when trying to debug the TTA module is I will
see the code issue a keystroke, and then I need to find the place(s)
that are listening for that keystroke.  And there does not seem to be
any sort of search mechanism to help you find all the places that are
listening for that keystroke.

Is this how things are done in VASSAL?  Or has the author of this
particular module coded it in an unusual way?

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