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Michael Kiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Mon Jul 19 05:07:36 MST 2010

To a certain extent it is human readable, and I've done just what you
describe. The trick is to find out what the keystroke looks like in the
buildfile within the .vmod archive file.  Once you figure out what that
stroke looks like (often a couple of numbers), you can to a text search for
it.  Usually, you can read something that comes before it in the buildfile
that indicates what component the stroke is located in.

However, strokes are indicated in the buildfile for _a lot_ of different
things.  Triggers, reports, restrict commands, etc....

Good luck.

- michael.

On 19 July 2010 05:56, Joel Uckelman <uckelman at nomic.net> wrote:

> Thus spake fil512:
> > I've got an issue where I need to find all the places that are listening
> > for a particular keystroke.  There's no way that I can see to do that in
> > the current interface.
> >
> > Has anyone build a module -> XML exporter that exports the entire module
> > as XML?  This would allow me to search the XML to find all the places
> > that trigger on the keystroke so I can find them all.
> >
> > Thanks!
> > Ken
> >
> The buildfile you'll find in a module is technically XML. I say
> *technically* becuase it isn't really human-readable. One of my long-term
> goals is to switch us over to something which is human-readable, so that
> these things can be more easily edited by hand when the need arises.
> --
> J.
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