[messages] Fixing a bug in the TTA module

Michael Kiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Mon Jul 19 05:11:07 MST 2010

> 1) Is it true that there are no math expressions?  I see a lot of code
> that appears to be there because you can't say something like A = B + C.

This is true for the current version.

> 2) Is it true that the way you call a function in VASSAL is by issuing a
> keystroke in one place and then writing a trigger for that keystroke in
> another place?

That's one way to do it.  Most components listen for a key stroke and take
care of it themselves.

> The main problem I have when trying to debug the TTA module is I will
> see the code issue a keystroke, and then I need to find the place(s)
> that are listening for that keystroke.  And there does not seem to be
> any sort of search mechanism to help you find all the places that are
> listening for that keystroke.

That seems to be a common problem.  There really isn't a solution other than
manually inspecting the buildfile within the vmod archive.

> Is this how things are done in VASSAL?  Or has the author of this
> particular module coded it in an unusual way?

I've never looked at that particular module.  However, if you open up the
vmod file in an archive manager and see a directory full of java classes,
then all bets are off.  Otherwise, it's all there in the module editor

- Michael.
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