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derdiggeohl derdiggeohl at hochsitze.com
Mon Jul 19 06:43:01 MST 2010

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I have a big wish for a feature

it should be possible to combine the two buttons 'Layer' and 'Rotate'
at the moment i have the problem to rotate two layers independently 
(my account dont work, i wrote the question as herr lehmann)

e.g. a tank with turret
my actual game piece list order is
Layer Hull
Can Rotate
Layer Turret
Can Rotate

but the stupid thing is, the hull rotates with the turret
if it will be possible to allow a rotate move in the Layer button, this
would be fixed
to show the turrets direction would be a possibility, but for a large
amount of units not the best solution

maybe it should also be possible to link a Rotate button to two or more
single layers to rotate only these at the same time


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