[messages] Combine Layer and Can Rotate Button

Thomas Russ tar at isi.edu
Mon Jul 19 10:22:45 MST 2010

On Jul 19, 2010, at 6:42 AM, derdiggeohl wrote:

> Hi I have a big wish for a feature
> it should be possible to combine the two buttons 'Layer' and 'Rotate'
> at the moment i have the problem to rotate two layers independently  
> (my account dont work, i wrote the question as herr lehmann)
> e.g. a tank with tower
> my actual game piece list order is
> Layer Hull
> Can Rotate
> Layer Turret
> Can Rotate
> but the stupid thing is, the hull rotates with the turret

Well, one quick solution would be to switch Layer Hull and Layer  
Turret in the list order:
   Layer Turret
   Can Rotate
   Layer Hull
   Can Rotate

This will cause the turret to rotate with the hull, so that is likely  
to be a more intuitive action.  It doesn't solve the coupling problem,  
but it does at least make the behavior seem reasonable and not stupid.


A second solution, which will work as long as you don't need too many  
directions (like if you could only rotate by 60° or 30° steps) would  
be to not use rotation at all but instead just use a set of layers and  
cycle through them.

That way the rotations would really be decoupled from each other.  So,  
if you had 6 different hull or turret directions, you would create an  
image for each of those six and just switch between them to do the  

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