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derdiggeohl derdiggeohl at hochsitze.com
Tue Jul 20 00:49:54 MST 2010

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"tmccarron" wrote:
> "derdiggeohl" wrote:
> > the solution with different layer for the turret will work, but its
> > a lot of work for all the units i imagine vor the module
> Try something generic symbol wise like your 2nd pic - a coverage arc
> and use your prototypes. Will save a lot of work

the arc is under the hull in the list. so its possible to work
first turn the hull, second turn the arc which is a symbol for the
it would be solving my problem, if i could have the turret layer under
the hull layer in list, but shown above its like the drawing order in
unfortunately i cant make the turret as a prototyp, cause every unit has
a different turret

"Richz99" wrote:
> I've already done what you want with the "Turret Mod" extension for
> MBT. Check it out.
> Rich.

can download the MBT-Module but not the Turret Mod extension.
in the basic mod you have an extra token for the turret, did you mean
think that works with a hex map but not with a freely

another great feature would be to import animated gif datas
e.g. for explosions
or with a checkbox in the edit panel to allow that
every picture of the gif sequence is a pictre for the single piece

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