[messages] Combine Layer and Can Rotate Button

derdiggeohl derdiggeohl at hochsitze.com
Wed Jul 21 13:14:57 MST 2010

thanks for the link.
i watched at your expansion and assumed it to my module, but a little
bit simpler without triggers. there are no need for triggers in my case

here you can see my progress

like bevore i have the arc to show the real line to the target. the
turret is a layer with different angles, but you can only adjust it very
rude to the target.
after all this work i will retry my wish:
__Please, please, please - integrate a rotate butten directly in the
layer command__

i need 12 pictures for the turret and at least 2 more for the whole
unit. this is too much.
(at the moment i plan with about 50 units, but by adding more countries
and scenes there will be much more)
with this litte command it will safe so much work and time
furthermore its less complicated to find the right offset. 

thanks for your answers buddies
feel free to tell me more solutions if you come up with
and of course your opinion for my solution

[1] http://www.pictureupload.de/originals/pictures/210710220149_pic003.jpg

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