[messages] New Module Page?

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Wed Jul 21 14:47:04 MST 2010

Thus spake Richz99:
> > We'll be creating a page soon detailing how to do it. 
> So I can do it now, if I can figure it out (meaning it's not a disabled
> feature).  Correct?

If you search for a page which doesn't exist (for example, module:foo)
you'll get a link in the search results called "create this page".

Right now, the simplest way to fill in a module page is go to the edit
link for an existing one, copy what's there, and edit it as appropriate.

When you create a link for a module file which doesn't exist yet, you'll
be taken to a page where you can upload that module file.


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