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Timothy Mccarron timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 22 11:04:34 MST 2010

Battlelore is still in Cleanup - I have not gotten to its wiki page yet due to 
the multiple pages it has needing consolidation. I have fixed the file links so 
the module is now available though. 

What were the others you tried? If the file link is red - then the file does not 
exist on the site and may be why its asking you to upload. There are many files 
we still need to go through

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Subject: [messages] [General Discussion] Re: Log in problems on new forum

I am now able to log in because of your fix, so that's cool. Still
unable to download modules, Battlelore is the one I am trying to get.
Tried a couple of others that weren't GMT and it's asking me to upload a
file. If it's still down please disregard.

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