[messages] [General Discussion] Wiki files cleanup?

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sun Jul 25 14:11:12 MST 2010

Thus spake Filip:
> I've been experimenting with this new wiki format a bit, trying to
> figure things out (my experience with wikis so far was pretty much
> non-existent). The plan for today was to update my module's page, but I
> notice it's not possible for me to delete old versions of my files from
> the archive. Is there a way to do this?

You can definitely remove the links from the module page. Actually
deleting the files is something which you'd need a wiki admin to
do for you; also, see below.
> It's my general preference to only keep current versions of my stuff
> publically available in any way or form. Also, I'd rather have the
> option to completely remove my files should I see the need to do so.
> If the current site's engine does not allow such actions, I'd rather
> move the module somewhere else. Should that be the case, can I opt to
> have its page and all associated files deleted? (Note: just give me a
> few days to sort things out, copy instructions etc.)

It is possible to delete the module files and the page, but I'd like
to understand why you'd want to do that. 

First, regarding the module page: The module page is a natural place to
put links to your module if you're hosting it somewhere else. If you have
no module page at all, then it will be harder for people to find your

Second, regarding old module versions: Provided that filenames contain a
recognizable version number, I think it's unfriendly toward the user to
hide versions of a file older than the current one. It's fine to put them
someplace less prominent, but deleting them entirely is bad practice. The
user could have many reasons for wanting an older version, as could a
subsequent module maintainer.

So, that's my position. I'd like to understand yours; presently I don't.


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