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I really need to see it. It is difficult to troubleshoot descriptions. The
GP under the Map Zones doesn't sound right somehow though. 

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Setup -

In the mapboard section under multi-zoned grid I have a numeric GP named
Wealth for each zone, and the value for Wealth is a number.

In the Game Piece Pallette, I have a marker named Control with a layer
named Tax set to follow a property.  I then tried setting a numeric DP
named Tax to the value $Wealth$.  When that didn't work I tried it with
a numeric GP named Tax.  I added a Global Hot Key to trigger the
operation.  I tried with the layer above and below the property setting.

When I triggered the hot key, I always got a message stating that the
value of Tax was non-numeric; Tax = Wealth.
I got the same message when the DP/GP variable was entered as Wealth or

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