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fil512 ken.stevens at sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 27 14:00:57 MST 2010

For the record, below is the note I sent to neumannium (the author of
the TTA module) regarding the wonder bug.  It summarizes what I've
learned so far.  A few more hours of testing and I believe I will find
definitively what the cause of the bug is...


I wrote a tool to print out your TTA module in a searchable format,
indexed by keystroke. See my post in the forums for details.

In the process of doing that, I believe I'm getting closer to narrowing
down the cause of the wonder bug. The wonder bug is that it only charges
for the cost based on your current # of wonders but ignoring the cards
based on the location of the card on the card row.

I still have to do some more testing to completely narrow down the bug,
but basically there are two paths that get triggered by a ctrl-a.

First path is as follows. This path works as expected.

PrototypeDefinition name="PickCard"
TriggerAction Menu "Add Card to Hand" = ctrl A
-> alt ctrl shift A
-> ctrl back quote

CardSlot name="Colossus"
-> Delete
-> ALT 1 to WonderUC

PieceSlot name="WonderUC" ALT 1
-> Set WonderUC.WonderUC = 1
-> Report $playerSide$ ($playerName$) has begun work on a Wonder,
$Wonder_Name$! *
-> Increment Global.BlueCivil -$BlueWonders$
-> Increment Global.BlueUsedCivil $BlueWonders$
-> Report $playerSide$ ($playerName$) has completed $BlueWonders$
Wonders, so spends an extra $BlueWonders$ Civil action(s) to start
construction on $Wonder_Name$ (automatically adjusted). *

Second path is as follows and does not occur when the player takes the
card by pressing ctrl-a or right-clicking and selecting "Add Card to
Hand" (I've just printed the Cost = 1 path; there are similar paths for
Cost = 2 and Cost = 3).

PrototypeDefinition name="AgeACivil"
TriggerAction when ctrl A and Cost = 1 and Wonder = True

PieceSlot name="WonderUC" CTRL SEMICOLON
-> Increment Global.BlueCivil -1
-> Increment Global.BlueUsedCivil 1

I have a number of theories as to why the second path isn't getting
executed, but will require some testing to completely narrow it down.

Any insight you might have into the problem would be much appreciated.


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