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I'd be glad to play you.  Contact Joe at   jamedeiros at comcast.net 

I'm a member of three wargaming clubs. 

In the American Civil War Club, I have the following John Tiller play by email games: 

TS:  Gettysburg, Shiloh, Antietam, Bull Run, and Chickamauga 

HPS:  Gettysburg, Chancellorsville, and Chickamauga 

Napoleonic Games Club: Prelude to Waterloo, Invasion of Russia, and Waterloo 

Panzer Campaigns Club: Sicily, Tobruk, and Battle of the Bulge 

On Vassal, I've only played Victory in the Pacific and Afrika Corps 

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Im looking to play some friendly "LIVE" games 4-5 hours at a time if 
possible my start time can be after 10am East Coast time until 10pm. 

Games Im familiar with; 
The Russian Campaign 
Fortress Europa 
WWII Barbarossa to Berlin 
Panzergruppe Gudarian 
Washingtons War 
Against the Reich (not sure if there is a VASSAL Module yet) 

Games I would like to play if your willing to mentor or we can learn 
Europe Engufled 
Asia Engulfed 
anything WWI, WWII, Civil War or Napoleon era gaming.  :D 

Thanks and I look forward to the responses! 

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