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Tim McCarron timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
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Properties are case/type sensitive. 

Continuing your problem, sounds like you will need to use trigger sets
differentiated by the CurrentZone property in the PME field to update

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OK.  I got the variables working within the Layer and following the
$Wealth$ property.  It doesn't seem that I did anything different.  I am
able to either increment or set values directly using the variable
property name.  Perhaps it had to do with case sensitive property names
that I had wrong by mistake.

Now I have to work thru how to make each Control counter actually update
from the wealth property for the zone they are located in.  They
presently use the $Wealth$ property from the zone where the last counter
was selected.

Thanks for the encouragement to keep me plugging away 'til I got it. 
This is so like writing computer programs, only harder.

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