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fil512 ken.stevens at sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 27 21:10:23 MST 2010

I've narrowed the TTA wonder bug down to an interaction between Delete
and a TriggerAction.

If I remove the Delete, then the TriggerAction fires.  But with the
Delete in, the TriggerAction does not fire.  Interestingly, if I add a
ReportAction beside the TriggerAction that triggers on the same key,
then the ReportAction DOES fire, which surprised me.

Here are the details.

Colossus Card includes AgeACivil prototype
AgeACivil prototype includes PickCard prototype

PickCard ctrl-A TriggerAction issues Ctrl BACKQUOTE
Colossus CTRL BACKQUOTE is the input key for a Delete on that card
AgeACivil ctrl-A TriggerAction is supposed to issue a alt-semicolon
But that triggeraction never happens.

If I remove the Delete trait, then the AgeACivil ctrl-a TriggerAction
DOES happen.

Which makes me suspect that the Delete is happening before the AgeACivil
ctrl-a TriggerAction, and so, since the card no longer
exists, the TriggerAction can't happen.

I've tried changing the order--moving Delete to top or bottom, but it
makes no difference.

Any suggestions?


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