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Timothy Mccarron timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 28 06:41:30 MST 2010

yes DP = dynamic property

Certain traits do not obey stacking trait order so their location within the 
piece/prototype is irrelevant - this may be one of those cases and why I bring 
up the DP need to bring order to the chaos :)

In general as you look at the piece tree execution runs from bottom up as you 
look at it.

Basic Piece

(Prototype A): Delete

(Prototype A): Marker

Trigger 1

(Prototype B): Rotate

(Prototype B): Layer



Trigger 2

In this example Trigger 2 affects everything where as Trigger 1 should only 
affect the Delete and Marker trait. 

You can try and fix your stack order according to this general rule but I don't 
think it's going to matter though

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Thanks for the quick reply.  By DP I assume you mean Dynamic Property? Do I 
really need to create a new DP for this?  That seems convoluted.

What determines the order between a Delete and a TriggerAction on the
same object (possibly in different prototypes)?  I am seeing a
ReportAction and GlobalKeyCommand both occurring before the Delete, but
the Trigger Action after the Delete.  What determines the order that
traits fire?

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