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fil512 ken.stevens at sympatico.ca
Wed Jul 28 10:47:55 MST 2010

Thanks tm.  It sounds like you don't know the answer to my question.  Is
there anyone else who lurks in these forums that knows the answer?  Once
again, my question is as follows.

What determines the order between a Delete and a TriggerAction on the
same object (possibly in different prototypes)? I am seeing a
ReportAction and GlobalKeyCommand both occurring before the Delete, but
the Trigger Action after the Delete. What determines the order that
traits fire?

Is there a list I can consult that shows the order?  Is it determined by
depth (i.e. would a chain of 3 triggers fire before a chain of 4
triggers)?  Is it determined by type (as seems to be the case
illustrated above)?  How can I determine the order.  I don't want to
just code *a* solution that works and leaves a big mess for the next
guy.  I want to code the "proper" solution.


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