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fil512 ken.stevens at sympatico.ca
Wed Jul 28 16:01:10 MST 2010

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Thanks for your patience with me.  I still have much to learn about
VASSAL module programming.  That post you sent me was helpful.  It
should be a part of the "Game Piece" page in the Reference Manual.  Is
anyone maintaining the Reference Manual?

I guess I didn't formulate my question clearly enough and that's why you
feel like it's been answered.  Let me try a more precise formulation:

There are 34 different types of traits, starting with Basic Piece and
ending with Set Global Property.  There are four different "entry
points" into a piece:
1) A player can select it by left-clicking it.
2) A player can trigger a pop-up menu of choices by right-clicking on
3) A player can type a keystroke that the piece is listening for.
4) The engine can fire a keystroke that the piece is listening for.

In each those four different entry points, which of the 34 traits are
involved?  For a particular entry point, and the traits that are
involved in that entry point, in which order are the traits executed?

Not knowing the answer to these questions makes it hard to program in
VASSAL.  It sounds like you are recommending determining the answer to
my question by trial and error, "learn by building modules".  But if I
take the trial and error approach, I'll probably end up coding all sorts
of stuff unnecessarily, and my resulting module will be complex and
difficult for maintainers to support.  In order to create a nice clean
module, I need to know the rules of the VASSAL programming language.

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