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fil512 ken.stevens at sympatico.ca
Wed Jul 28 18:37:33 MST 2010


Thanks for offering to help.  I posted details to the problem on the
following forum.

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Now onto your response.  The reason I mentioned clicking is that it
seems to me there is a concept of a "selected" piece.  E.g. when you hit
a keystroke, I believe that the keystroke is sent to the selected piece.
 I thought the way you selected a piece was by clicking on it.  E.g. if
you left-click on a card and then press ctrl-a, it will add THAT card to
your hand.  If you left-click on a different card, then the ctrl-a will
apply to that card instead.  There will often be logic in a prototype
that fires conditionally based on attributes of a piece; the values of
those attributes, I assume, is based on the left-click selection of that

That is why I assumed that #2 and #3 are different.  After writing that,
it occurred to me that there's a #5 which is dragging the piece.

The reason I broke out #3 and #4 is it seems to me there are plenty of
places in the code where there is a keystroke trigger for a key that it
is assumed will be pressed by the engine and not a player (a dumb way to
call a function IMO but that's a separate topic.)

On the programming vs. modding topic, I understand that supporting the
VASSAL engine is different work from supporting a module.  But I would
call both programming, it's just that in the former you're programming
in the functional programming language of Java whereas in the latter
you're programming in the declarative language VASSAL.  Java has a very
clear instruction manual.  If you want to know what order things happen
in Java, it's very clearly documented.  Things also happen in a specific
order in the VASSAL programming language, but I've been having trouble
finding the documentation that will tell me what order key listeners
will execute in.  But whether it's programming or modding I guess is a
semantic debate.

I had a look at the code and it looks to me like the "active" and
"passive" keys in a TriggerAction are treated identically.

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