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uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Thu Jul 29 03:48:04 MST 2010

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If you're logged in, but then your browse to another page where it says
you're not logged in, please check the URL of the not-logged-in page. I
have a suspicion that the domain will be vassalengine.org instead of
www.vassalengine.org. The next time this happens for you, check the URL
and let me know whether my suspicion was right.

If this is happening for you, it's due to the domain specified for the
site cookies. The site cookies are all for the www.vassalengine.org
domain, so if you go to vassalengine.org without "www", the relevant
cookies aren't presented to the web server. I'm looking into whether I
should (1) remove the "www" from the cookie domain, (2) redirect
vassalengine.org to www.vassalengine.org, (3) redirect
www.vassalengine.org to vassalengine.org and  remove the "www" from the
cookie domain, or (4) something else.

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