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Michael Kiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Thu Jul 29 06:50:55 MST 2010

If you're adding something to the module (it's not a trait that can be added
to a piece), copy the java class into your module (it's an archive just like
a ZIP file) and make sure it's in exactly the same subdirectory as in the
original module.

Then in the module editor, click on Add Imported Class in the context menu
for the component that you want to add the class to.  Then type in the fully
qualified class name.  If the class path is like this:


you would type in:


Hope this helps.

If you're adding a class that is meant to be a piece trait, this gets a bit
more complicated.

- M.

On 27 July 2010 12:14, derdiggeohl <derdiggeohl at hochsitze.com> wrote:

> hello?
> could anybody tell me how i'm able to import a java class from another
> module?????
> pleeeeeeeeeeeease
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