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Maybe I'm missing what it is you are trying to accomplish with having a
delete trait and a trigger trait fire on the same keystroke, but this
behavior I would expect out the delete trait. If you delete a piece you are
telling to the module to remove it completely and make it unable to be
referenced for the rest of that session and save files. I would think delete
would take precedence over other traits just to be sure it couldn't cause
any undo issues like infinite loops on key strokes or circular references
generating errors.

Perhaps what you are looking for is an invisible piece that can act as a
proxy for the trigger actions and send the delete keystroke to the real
piece when needed.

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Ok I see what your getting at better. 
Your 4 entry points - Im not sure what #1 is/does, a piece doesnt do
anything just by left clicking it unless it is invoking an Action Button
which invokes a Key command to initiate  something (or do you mean

#2 is no different than #3  that is just how you interface - it is their
key command that initiates the action
#4 cannot happen without some sort of initiation previously from 1-3
above - something told it to do it :) If #4 is the cause, you need to
widen the scope to find out where it came from to understand the reason

Which of the traits are involved? I've d/l and will look, this requires
plain old fashion detective work to figure out what is trying to be done
(Need to find the original sequence description first so I know where to

Programming is different from Modding - which one is it your wanting to
do ?

Delete vs Trigger problem. Something to consider here. A Delete trait 
employs an active key command, but a Trigger trait can be employed in
two different ways, active (using only the key command field) or passive
(using only the listen for keystroke field).
Perhaps this may be why you are seeing the Delete occur before the
Trigger if the trigger is using a passive key instead of an active key.

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