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fil512 ken.stevens at sympatico.ca
Thu Jul 29 09:47:02 MST 2010

Thanks for all the help with this.  Sorry that I sound like a broken
record about the question of trait order execution.  I feel that it's
important that it be clear to module designers  how it works.

"mkiefte" wrote:
> If you're looking at the list of traits in the editor, it goes from
> bottom
> up.  There are some exceptions, however.  Triggers are always done
> last and
> I believe that Reports are done last.

It sounds like you're guessing.  How can I get a definitive answer to my

"mkiefte" wrote:
> >
> > You mention TriggerAction and ReportAction as being exceptions, but
> I
> > count at least 9 different traits that listen for keystrokes.
> Actually, almost all of them do.  Off the top of my head, I can't
> think of
> one that doesn't.

Here are some traits that don't listen for keystrokes:
Action Button
Does not stack
Area of Effect
Restrict Commands
Restricted Access

"mkiefte" wrote:
> Triggers are usually fired last.  All the others are triggered from
> the bottommost in the list to the topmost in that order.

This sounds like another guess.  Is there a forum post maybe somewhere
that definitively answers the question about trait execution order?

"mkiefte" wrote:
> Triggers are an exception to the rule.
> Trigger is last.  This is because it waits for the state of the change
> to be finalized before checking whether the trigger can be fired.

Are they the only exception?  Does this apply to both the watch keys and
the key command for the trigger?  What about Report Action?  Are they
last too?  Which is laster?

Not trying to be a pain in the ass, just seeking to understand,

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