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Michael Kiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Thu Jul 29 10:15:10 MST 2010

> "mkiefte" wrote:
>> If you're looking at the list of traits in the editor, it goes from
>> bottom
>> up.  There are some exceptions, however.  Triggers are always done
>> last and
>> I believe that Reports are done last.
> It sounds like you're guessing.  How can I get a definitive answer to my
> question?

I've looked at that code a lot.  I wasn't definitive on Report Actions,
because I've never cared about that trait in the past.

> Here are some traits that don't listen for keystrokes:
> Action Button
> Does not stack
> Non-Rectangular
> Area of Effect
> Sub-Menu
> Restrict Commands
> Restricted Access
> Marker

Ah, well, there you go.  But certainly more than 8.  And Restrict Commands
_does_ listen for keystrokes.

> This sounds like another guess.  Is there a forum post maybe somewhere
> that definitively answers the question about trait execution order?

It's not a guess.

> Are they the only exception?  Does this apply to both the watch keys and
> the key command for the trigger?  What about Report Action?  Are they
> last too?  Which is laster?

The default is to do your action first and then check for inner traits
(traits that are higher up on the list).  Trigger does all the inner
(higher) traits first and then does it's action(s) which may fire other
triggers which will be after that, etc.  Reports are done after the
keystroke that it's reporting is done.  Between reports and triggers,
whichever is higher in the list will go first -- i.e., it will be the
reverse of the normal procedure.

> Not trying to be a pain in the ass, just seeking to understand,
> Ken

No problem.  I get the impression you've looked at the Java code.  You will
learn an awful lot that way. I've looked at a lot of programs in my life and
I have to say, that documentation lies a lot, but code never lies.

And I'm more than happy to answer questions about the Java code.

- M.
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