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fil512 ken.stevens at sympatico.ca
Thu Jul 29 10:47:40 MST 2010

"mkiefte" wrote:
> >
> > Are they the only exception?  Does this apply to both the watch keys
> and
> > the key command for the trigger?  What about Report Action?  Are
> they
> > last too?  Which is laster?
> >
> The default is to do your action first and then check for inner traits
> (traits that are higher up on the list).  Trigger does all the inner
> (higher) traits first and then does it's action(s) which may fire
> other
> triggers which will be after that, etc.  Reports are done after the
> keystroke that it's reporting is done.  Between reports and triggers,
> whichever is higher in the list will go first -- i.e., it will be the
> reverse of the normal procedure.

You didn't answer my question about whether both the watch keys and key
command of trigger action are treated the same way.  Earlier I posted
that the coded suggests they are treated the same way, but I've since
seen other code that suggests otherwise.  Do you know the answer?

I have a bunch of questions about your paragraph above.  First, when you
say Trigger does all the inner (higher) traits first.  By higher, do you
mean visibly higher on the list?  Because if so, then that seems to
contradict Tim's Hello World example.  Has Tim got it wrong or did you
misspeak, or do I misunderstand?

But more significantly to me, what you write seems to contradict what
I'm experiencing as documented in the first post in this thread, namely
I experience that the order between Delete and TriggerAction doesn't
seem to matter--Delete always happens before TriggerAction.

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