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Michael Kiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Thu Jul 29 11:02:48 MST 2010

> You didn't answer my question about whether both the watch keys and key
> command of trigger action are treated the same way.  Earlier I posted
> that the code suggests they are treated the same way, but I've since
> seen other code that suggests otherwise.  Do you know the answer?

They are treated the same way.

> I have a bunch of questions about your paragraph above.  First, when you
> say Trigger does all the inner (higher) traits first.  By higher, do you
> mean visibly higher on the list?


> Because if so, then that seems to
> contradict Tim's Hello World example.  Has Tim got it wrong or did you
> misspeak, or do I misunderstand?

Don't know.  Where's Tim's Hello World example?

> But more significantly to me, what you write seems to contradict what
> I'm experiencing as documented in the first post in this thread, namely
> I experience that the order between Delete and TriggerAction doesn't
> seem to matter--Delete always happens before TriggerAction.

Triggers always happen last.  No contradiction.  I've said that already.

- M.
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