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Michael Kiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Thu Jul 29 11:16:23 MST 2010

> For example, above you write, "I would think delete would take
> precedence over other traits."  You're making a guess when you say this.

Delete follows the same precedence rules as almost all other traits.  It is
not an exception.  It is perfectly possible to delete a piece before it's
finished processing a key command.

> Programming shouldn't be about guesswork.  The rules about how VASSAL
> works should be clear: no guessing; so we can all just get on with the
> business of building modules.

If the rules are still not clear, let me know.

> Your suggestion to use an invisible piece is intriguing.

This is done in many cases where it is impossible to manipulate a property
that does not belong to a Game Piece.  You can have one invisible Game Piece
that contains all such properties.

> Someone
> earlier suggested I use a Dynamic Property.  There are probably other
> ways to skin this cat too.  But I want to pick the "proper" solution.

Sometimes there are several "proper" solutions.  I wouldn't get too caught
up in that idea.

> And in order to do that, I need to know the rules that govern trait
> order execution.  Surely someone in the VASSAL community knows the
> answer to that question without guessing...  Anybody?

Yes. Several.

- M.
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