[messages] [Feature Requests] HUGE Thank you/baby sized request/publisher admonishment

hipshot hipshott at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 19:54:19 MST 2010

Dear VASSAL dev team:
Can I just say ---(yes  you can)-----That VASSAL has opened up or re
opened a chapter in my life that I did not realize I missed.
I LOVE being able to play my old games, new games and games I have
wanted to try for  20 yrs +I get to make new friends, all under VASSAL.

What is involved with having the file name of the save or log you are
playing appear in the top bar frame of the VASSAL module (the one you
click and drag the frame around with) .  That my friends would be a neat
feature for brainless - bad memory guys like me.

Note to publishers - you are fools for not engaging with the owners of
this code to promote your products.  I have spent more money with GMT in
the last 5 months than any other gaming company and just recently bought
a bunch of mint un punched games (mostly GMT due to VASSAL availability
) solely because I know I can find someone to play with here.

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