[messages] [Module Design] Changing sides during play

Kingmaker dtallarek at web.de
Sat Jul 31 02:59:44 MST 2010

I want to make a VASSAL version of a boardgame. There are different
playerfactions in the game. It is normal that every player starts on his
own side, with his own cards, that only he can use and flip. This is
easy for me to build in VASSAL. 
But if one player loses he can switch to a new faction (the Looser
faction) and plays now against all other players - again with his own
cardhand. Every player that loses switchs to this Looser faction, so
that all loosers have one cardhand together, that everyone can use. By
loosing the player adds his old card hand to the looser sides cardhand.
Is it possible to build this mechanism of changing sides in VASSAL?

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