[messages] [Module Design] Re: Restricting Edit Module Access?

mkiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Mon Nov 1 12:36:37 MST 2010

Wow, sorry, that's what happens when you jump to conclusions! :)

Unfortunately, there is no way to implement what you want.  It's a good
idea, but like Joel said, a determined cheater can still undermine it. 
There has to be a healthy amount of honour in tournaments.

That being said, you can prevent what you describe by having all players
synchronise to a neutral observer.  The properties to which you refer
will just revert back to the state in the observer's module whatever the
players do to their own copies.  Still not perfect, but slightly better.

You can get the same effect by having players open a saved game that you
provide just before the start (so that they would not have time to alter

- M.

"Malpertius" wrote:
> Sorry, should have explained why. No, it's not to make money.
> I would have like to host a tournament on a card game module i've
> created and it's to prevent cheating.. I've removed the "Retire"
> option as it's too easy to exploit but users can still swap the "image
> used when masked" with something else to view the cards in the
> opponent's hand (which is on the Map Window). And if hands were
> Private Windows: add their side as viewer. If i'm not mistaken, other
> users would not notice the mod their opponent uses as been modified.

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