[messages] [Developers] handling frequently reported bugs which aren't ours

uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Thu Nov 4 12:23:51 MST 2010

Now that I'm done (for now) fixing list bridge problems, I'm turning my
attention to the 3.1.15 release. We have quite a few bug fixes queued up
(mainly thanks to George) which I need to go through.

Last night, I dealt with a bunch of new bug reports which were
duplicates of common bugs which aren't our fault. Bug 2694 is one such
bug. It's something which happens when a Windows user upgrades Java
without rebooting afterwards, and then tries to run VASSAL. It's not our
fault that the user doesn't reboot after upgrading---the upgrade wizard
does say you should---and there's nothing we can do, so far as I know
right now, to test for this condition before the UnsatisfiedLinkError
occurs. However, once it's happened, this particular problem has a
unique stack trace so is trivial to identify. This made me think: We
could add handlers for bugs like this to the UncaughtExceptionHandler.
Instead of showing the user a bug dialog, we could show a dialog telling
them what the problem is (you need to reboot!).

So, I was thinking of what an interface for this should look like:

  public interface BugHandler {
    public boolean accept(Throwable thrown);

    public void handle(Throwable thrown);

Then, the UncaughtExceptionHandler has a List of BugHandlers, the last
of which accepts everything and throws up the bug dialog.

I think this will help reduce the number of bug reports we get, as well
as improve the user experience.


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