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Galis corseth_df at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 7 12:22:57 MST 2010

I'm trying to figure out how to dynamically display the total value of
items with a property within a specific zone.  I know how to do it if
they're in a stack together, but stack/deck won't work for this since
the pieces need to be distinct from each other.

To clarify, let's say the map has Zone A and Zone B on the same map
window (though different boards), and all my playing pieces have a
marker named "points".  Is there a way to make a text label or the like
that will display the sum of "points" across all pieces in Zone A, and
likewise one for Zone B (or alternatively on board A and board B, since
in this case the zones correspond to boards that make up the map)?

IE I have a 5 point piece, a 6 point piece, and a 3 point piece.  The 5
and 3 point are placed anywhere in Zone A, and the 6 piece is in Zone B.
 I'd want to put some sort of text label carrying object in Zone A that
will display "8" and one in Zone B that will display "6".  Then if the 3
piece gets moved from A to B, change A's marker to "5" and B's marker to

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