[messages] [General Discussion] Is Math Possible within a Matching Statement?

MKerby mckerbyariz at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 09:44:55 MST 2010

Is it possible to add two values together in a Matching Properties

What I'm looking to do is add two properties before I compare the sum to
a third.

The statement would look like this <providing the math delimiters were
"(" and ")">:

(DR_result + DR_modifier) <= $Impulse$

I don't want to add the modifier to the DR in the dice roll button
1.  I'm trying to limit user inputs in determining events
2.  I need to evaluate the DR_result for multiple possible events.

If it's a syntax issue could someone direct me to the location in the
Otherwise, if the feature is not available does anyone know of any
module out there that has an imported class that does that?

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